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Frameless Glass shower screens are a great way to enhance your bathroom space. Whether it is part of a new bathroom renovation or replacing your existing shower screen, you can be rest assured that the seamless design of a Frameless Glass Shower Screen will improve the visual appeal of your bathroom and home.

Frameless Glass Shower Screens Sydney

At A&D Frameless Glass, we are experts in customised, high quality frameless glass shower screens made to strict Australian Standards. Our team, with 29+ years of experience, will work closely with you to create a finished product that not only looks beautiful, but is also functional and strong. Our service begins with design and measure of your shower space and continues through to the manufacturing and installation of your screen. We custom make our frameless glass shower screens to your desired requirements and have a selection of glass and hardware options to suit.

Frameless Glass Screen Designs

A&D Frameless Glass custom designs each shower screen to suit your specific project and requirements. Whether the style is an Inline, Square, Quadrant (Diamond Shape) or Slider, we have a shower screen option that will elevate your bathroom space.

Types of Glass

A&D Frameless Glass offers a range of 10m toughened glass options to achieve your desired outcome. Please see the list below, briefly explaining the glass options:

1. The first and most popular option for frameless glass shower screens is Standard 10mm ‘Clear’ Glass. This standard iron content glass has a green tinge when looking through the glass face, and a dark green (almost blackish) polished edge. This is the most popular and widely used glass for frameless glass shower screens.

2. The second option for frameless glass shower screens is 10mm ‘Low-iron’ Glass. This type of glass has a reduced green tinge when looking through the glass face, and can have a lighter green to bluish tinge on the glass edges. This option is more expensive as the frameless glass goes through an extra process to draw out as much iron as possible.

3. The third option, if you desire a frosted appearance, is 10mm ‘Satina Acid Etched’ Glass. This is your standard ‘Clear’ Glass that has been treated with an acid to etch the glass, resulting in a grey/green frosted appearance. As this option of glass goes through the extra frosting process, it is on par with ‘Low-Iron’ glass in terms of cost.

4. Lastly, there is ‘Low-Iron Mattelux’ Frosted glass. As the name suggests, it is 10mm ‘Low-iron’ glass that has gone through the frosting process. This glass has a whitish frosted appearance and is generally the most expensive frameless glass option for your shower screen.

A&D Frameless Glass sources all of its frameless glass from reputable Sydney glass companies. This means that quality is guaranteed as the glass processing and toughening has been done under Australia’s strict manufacturing rules and standards.

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